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November 26, 2018 2 min read

Where do I even start with these? Succulent centerpieces are my go-to for gifts! They're super easy to create and you only need a few things to make it yourself.

What You Need for Your Succulent Centerpiece

Before you jump in, make sure you have these things:

  • bowl (I used our Recycled Glass Bowl in this tutorial)
  • charcoal
  • river rocks
  • fast-draining potting mix
  • a scoop
  • decorative stones
  • succulents or cacti

How to Make Your Succulent Centerpiece

  1. You'll typically start with the charcoal, but because my bowl was domed in the bottom, I started with a few river rocks so the charcoal wouldn't be visible. Add your charcoal to the bottom. This helps absorb any extra water since the bowl is non-draining.

2. Use a scoop to dump in the potting mix. Fill the bowl with soil until about 2 inches from the top.

3. Grab a larger succulent that can serve as a good anchor for the centerpiece. Use your fingers to dig a small hole where you want to place the succulent, and make sure you get that fresh soil around it. 

4. Plant the rest of your succulents, and be sure to get them nice and snug against one another. This is the trick to a beautiful centerpiece! You don't want too much blank space.

5. For those spots that are too tight for plants, I like to add river stones to fill up the blank spots. Plus it adds a decorative touch!

6. Add any last succulents and river stones to make sure your centerpiece is nice and full.

 And there ya have it! A gorgeous succulent centerpiece. I love to style these on coffee tables, kitchen islands, or even on the bathroom vanity.

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